644 хаков и модов для VBulletin | Шаблоны

  1. 644 хаков и модов для VBulletin | Шаблоны
    [vB 3.6.3] Flash embedded games,animate
    [vB 3.6.3] Get direct links v1.4
    [vB 3.6.3] Improve Registration + Ads!
    [vB 3.6.3] Last Reply Alert Add last reply alert under new reply button
    [vB 3.6.3] Limited Guest Viewing -- Improvecommunity registration rates
    [vB 3.6.3] Make Photopost vBGallery v2.1 work with Zoints SEO. UpDate V1.01
    [vB 3.6.3] MediaPlayer BB Code
    [vB 3.6.3] Members who have posted Today (or in the last 24 hours)
    [vB 3.6.3] Own Redirector and AnonymizationV2.0.1
    [vB 3.6.3] Post Replacements
    [vB 3.6.3] Prevent Spam Posts
    [vB 3.6.3] Profile Fields in Postbits
    [vB 3.6.3] Redirect Archive Search Engine Results To Full Forum
    [vB 3.6.3] SEO YouTube and Google Videos
    [vB 3.6.3] Separate Sticky and Normal Threads
    [vB 3.6.3] Shoutcast Status 2.0 (VB3.6)
    [vB 3.6.3] Thread Cosmetics Search
    [vB 3.6.3] Thread Description
    [vB 3.6.3] Track Guest Visits
    [vB 3.6.3] Translate your site into 9 majorlanguages
    [vB 3.6.3] vB Ad Management
    [vB 3.6.3] vB Sponsors - Forum and CategorySponsorship Ads with Statistics
    [vB 3.6.3] vB Survey Add a full-featured survey tool to your forum
    [vB 3.6.3] vB Weekly Stats
    [vB 3.6.3] vBadvanced & Photopost quick moderation of images and comments on the front page
    [vB 3.6.3] vbAnonymizer 2.2
    [vB 3.6.3] Welcome headers - Improve community registration rates
    [vB 3.6.3] XEON Series - vbFLV Streaming Video Player
    [vB 3.6.4] 'Check Version' for all hacks
    [vB 3.6.4] Add a banner image to each forum(vb3.6)
    [vB 3.6.4] Add Search Engine Optimized Keywords & Description to each Forum
    [vB 3.6.4] Add Threads to ThreadSoup.com Mod
    [vB 3.6.4] Admin CP Thread Prefixes Add-On move & del by prefix
    [vB 3.6.4] AdminCP PhotoPost Administration
    [vB 3.6.4] Adoptables hack for vBulletin 3.6
    [vB 3.6.4] Adsense Revenue Sharing for 3.5.x and 3.6.x
    [vB 3.6.4] Advanced Snowstorm Integration for Christmas
    [vB 3.6.4] Allow URLs in posts only after aminimum number of posts (to reduce spam)
    [vB 3.6.4] Alternate Quick reply Waiting display!
    [vB 3.6.4] Auto Resize large images in an IMG tag
    [vB 3.6.4] Banner Rotator (Definitive Mod) UPDATED
    [vB 3.6.4] Breadcrumb at the Base of Showthread
    [vB 3.6.4] Browser on Who's Online
    [vB 3.6.4] CinVin vB Forum Feed Listing
    [vB 3.6.4] Complete WordpressVbulletin Bridge - Share Users And Postings
    [vB 3.6.4] Count of unread posts in the welcome box
    [vB 3.6.4] Countdown hack
    [vB 3.6.4] CP_Affiliates - An affiliates boxfor your forum!
    [vB 3.6.4] Cron Based E-Mail Sending
    [vB 3.6.4] Custom Board Closed Message
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Advanced 'New Posts'
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Advanced Forum Rules
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Advanced Forum Statistics
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Advanced Permissions Basedon User's Post Count
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Attention Zero-Posters
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Check If Already Posted
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Flash-Image Banner Rotator
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Forumhome Sub-Forums Manager
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Forums Online CountUp
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Login To Other User Account
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Members Mood
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - PayPal Donate
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Prevent Newbies from Posting to Wrong Forum
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Sticky-Closed-Poll Prefixes
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Tic-Tac-Toe
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Title Look By Thread Type
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Top Posters In Month X
    [vB 3.6.4] Cyb - Visitors in Last X Hours
    [vB 3.6.4] Daily PM Quota (Per Usergroup!)
    [vB 3.6.4] Display Reputation Comments Given
    [vB 3.6.4] Display reputation comments on members profile page
    [vB 3.6.4] Email Filter 3.6.X
    [vB 3.6.4] Embed XHTML valid YouTube and Google Video into your posts
    [vB 3.6.4] Embed YouTube in Profile
    [vB 3.6.4] Encheferizer
    [vB 3.6.4] Enhanced Captcha Image Verification - stop bots from signing up!!
    [vB 3.6.4] Exclude stats from specific subforums on specific forums (e.g. index)
    [vB 3.6.4] Extended Reputation Display
    [vB 3.6.4] FA Latest Announcements
    [vB 3.6.4] FA Self Destruct Thread
    [vB 3.6.4] Falling Snow On your forum
    [vB 3.6.4] Farcaster's Event Attendance & vb Event Forums Integration
    [vB 3.6.4] Flashchat Integration for vB 3.6
    [vB 3.6.4] Forum Affiliates
    [vB 3.6.4] Forum Archive List Forum Footer
    [vB 3.6.4] Forum Background Colour
    [vB 3.6.4] Forum Intro 1.0.3
    [vB 3.6.4] Forum Rules Site Rules
    [vB 3.6.4] GRPS Groups Commune 2.0.x
    [vB 3.6.4] Guests First Post Only
    [vB 3.6.4] ibProArcade - professional Arcade System
    [vB 3.6.4] ibProArcade reduce scores to keep arcade competitive
    [vB 3.6.4] ibProArcade Shows Game Count + Newest Game and Random Game in your Forum Statistics
    [vB 3.6.4] Import Unread News from a Forum
    [vB 3.6.4] Increase Decrease Thread View counts
    [vB 3.6.4] Infobar On All Pages
    [vB 3.6.4] Infraction PM User Override
    [vB 3.6.4] Internet Movie Database (IMDb) BBCode
    [vB 3.6.4] Is Bot Registration Time Check
    [vB 3.6.4] LBmtb's Recent Topics on Non-VB Pages
    [vB 3.6.4] LBmtb's Recent Topics on Non-VB Pages (vbSEO edition)
    [vB 3.6.4] LiveLeakDailyMotionCollegeHumor Vid Embed
    [vB 3.6.4] Make quick style chooser update user settings
    [vB 3.6.4] Members who have posted Today (or in the last 24 hours)
    [vB 3.6.4] Members who have visited Today (or in the last 24 hours)
    [vB 3.6.4] Mindestic GlosPro 1.2.0
    [vB 3.6.4] Miserable users
    [vB 3.6.4] Mobile Device Style Assignment
    [vB 3.6.4] Mod-Approved HTML Signatures forvBulletin 3.6
    [vB 3.6.4] Most ever Members, Posters, Guests and Chatters
    [vB 3.6.4] MySpaceYouTubeGoogle Video Addon(best yet)
    [vB 3.6.4] navbar forumjump dropdown
    [vB 3.6.4] Nested Quotes
    [vB 3.6.4] New PM's in navbar
    [vB 3.6.4] New posts and reputation comments
    [vB 3.6.4] NoSpam! - an alternative to CAPTCHA images
    [vB 3.6.4] NYO - Simple Attachments Rules (S.A.R) 3.6.x
    [vB 3.6.4] OpenSearch Easy
    [vB 3.6.4] Photopost Classifieds Recent Ad Block on Forumhome
    [vB 3.6.4] PM Preview
    [vB 3.6.4] Poll Survey
    [vB 3.6.4] Post Edit History (PEH)
    [vB 3.6.4] PP_Classifieds Admin link via vbAdmin cp
    [vB 3.6.4] Product Poem English
    [vB 3.6.4] Proxy to Real IP Conversion
    [vB 3.6.4] QUICK BAN in postbit_legacy for vB3.6 -Instantly ban spammers!
    [vB 3.6.4] Quickreply Add On
    [vB 3.6.4] Random medium sized image on vbadvanced index page
    [vB 3.6.4] Redirect Archive Search Engine Results To Full Forum
    [vB 3.6.4] Reply to all button in private messages
    [vB 3.6.4] Same Window For Local Links
    [vB 3.6.4] Search your forum Firefox 2IE7
    [vB 3.6.4] Seasonal Forum Effects
    [vB 3.6.4] Seperate Forum Categories
    [vB 3.6.4] Show Smilies in Quickreply
    [vB 3.6.4] Simple vB User login and access control on non vB pages
    [vB 3.6.4] Skin view - show skin in postbit
    [vB 3.6.4] Spam List Block 261022 Registration Email Domains
    [vB 3.6.4] Split count for most ever Members & Guests
    [vB 3.6.4] Stop Spam Links 1.1 Gold
    [vB 3.6.4] Thread submission mod VBtags.com Get major backlinks!!
    [vB 3.6.4] Time Spent On Board
    [vB 3.6.4] Time travel to past discussions
    [vB 3.6.4] Timed Redirect - Donations Page Reminder
    [vB 3.6.4] TimeDays spent on board
    [vB 3.6.4] Top Posters
    [vB 3.6.4] Track Guest Visits
    [vB 3.6.4] Tri-Box
    [vB 3.6.4] User FontColor Post Addon
    [vB 3.6.4] Usergrouplegend
    [vB 3.6.4] vB Ad Management
    [vB 3.6.4] vB Database Backup Pro (Lite) forvb 3.6
    [vB 3.6.4] vB Error Pages 1.0
    [vB 3.6.4] vB Media Player based on AnyMedia3.5.x by Crist Chsu
    [vB 3.6.4] vB News CMS
    [vB 3.6.4] vB Option Picker
    [vB 3.6.4] vB Survey Add a full-featured survey tool to your forum
    [vB 3.6.4] vBadvanced & Photopost Latest comments on front page
    [vB 3.6.4] Vbay! Transform your vbulletin into an auctionhouse!
    [vB 3.6.4] vBdiary & vBblog - Convert a forum into a diary or weblog (blog) forum
    [vB 3.6.4] vBonjour - Custom Blocks Add On
    [vB 3.6.4] vBonjour - General Statistics AddOn
    [vB 3.6.4] vBonjour - Guest Message Add On
    [vB 3.6.4] vBonjour - IBProArcade Fix
    [vB 3.6.4] vBonjour - Latest Threads Via RSS Feeds Add On
    [vB 3.6.4] vBonjour - Member Message Add On
    [vB 3.6.4] vBonjour - Navigation Add On
    [vB 3.6.4] vBonjour - Note Pad Add On
    [vB 3.6.4] vBonjour - Portal System
    [vB 3.6.4] vBonjour - v3Arcade and IBPro Games Fix
    [vB 3.6.4] vBonjour - Who Has Posted Today Add On
    [vB 3.6.4] vBonjour - WOL and Board Stats Add On
    [vB 3.6.4] vBPortfolio Lite
    [vB 3.6.4] vBRevShare for 3.6.X
    [vB 3.6.4] vBShout Customization
    [vB 3.6.4] vBulletin Resource
    [vB 3.6.4] VBulletin-Wordpress Bridge for 3.64
    [vB 3.6.4] vbuserbar for 3.6.x
    [vB 3.6.4] vRules v1.x.x
    [vB 3.6.4] Webforumz Better Adsense in Archives
    [vB 3.6.4] Welcome headers - Improve community registration rates
    [vB 3.6.4] Welcome Panel Template Rewrite
    [vB 3.6.4] Who has read a Thread
    [vB 3.6.4] Who is chatting (for Flashchat)
    [vB 3.6.4] Wordpress-Vbulletin Comment Bridge (WP Plugin)
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - % Of Forum Posts
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Auto Lock Thread
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Banned Members
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Closed Thread Mark-Up
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Debug Mode
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Default Buddy
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Default Referrer
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Don't Require Password Confirmation
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Event Count On Forumhome
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Global Variables
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Hack System LITE
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Loading Effect
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Member Count On Memberslist
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Meta Tags
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Report PM
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Restrict A Browser
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Sticky Thread Mark-Up
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - Title Writing
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - vBa Hack System
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - vBShout On All Pages
    [vB 3.6.4] ZH - WOL Announcements
    [vB 3.6.4] Zoint Forumban - Member View
    [vB 3.6.4] [BB Code] YouTube Javascript Embed
    [vB 3.6.4] [FO] IP n System Information in PNG for sig
    [vB 3.6.4] [YouTube] Integration with Links& Downloads Manager (LDM 2.2.6)

  2. есть ли у кого нить зеркальные авторки .. скрипт? ..
  3. Хак зеркальные авторки

    644 хаков и модов для VBulletin | Шаблоны

    Продукты и модули > Управление продуктами > Загрузить продукт

    находим в postbit_legacy нечто подобное:

    <if condition="$show['avatar']">
    <div class="smallfont">
    &nbsp;<br /><a href="member.php?$session[sessionurl]u=$post[userid]"><img src="$post[avatarurl]" $post[avwidth] $post[avheight] alt="<phrase 1="$post[username]">$vbphrase[xs_avatar]</phrase>" border="0" /></a>
    заменяем на:

    <if condition="$show['avatar']">
    <div class="smallfont">
    &nbsp;<br /><span class="fade"><a href="member.php?$session[sessionurl]u=$post[userid]"><img src="$post[avatarurl]" class="reflect" $post[avwidth] $post[avheight] alt="<phrase 1="$post[username]">$vbphrase[xs_avatar]</phrase>" border="0" /></a></span>
  4. Рыжий поставь хак с аватарками, если не жалко.)
  5. если мне скажут на какую версию этот хак, я скажу жалко мне или нет)
  6. 3.5.4 ставил 3.6.5 3.6.6 ставил попробуй вроде она должна рулить .. на твою версию
  7. ссылка на архив отсутствует...
  8. Перезалейте а то файл не найден
  9. нужен какой то 1 хак или все те, что в списке?
    и взгляните на то, для какой версии эти дополнения, они возможно не будут работать на 3.8
  10. Хулиган, откуда ты меня знаешь?*mrgreen*
  11. от верблюда
  12. :fuck: