VirtualBox - виртуальная машина [new version]

  1. VirtualBox 4.1.2

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  2. VirtualBox 4.1.4

    This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
    VMM: fixed PAE guests running on 32-bit hosts (4.0 regression; bug #9458)
    VMM: fixed INVALID_PARAMETER guru meditation caused by insufficient memory conditions (4.1.0 regression; bug #9240)
    VMM: fixed clobbered CPU registers during stos/lods/ins/outs emulation under rare circumstances
    VMM: another fix for 64-bit guests on recent AMD CPUs
    GUI: warn the user if he uses an outdated extension pack and allow to download and upgrade in that case (bug #8025)
    GUI: fixed spurious LCtrl key events on some Windows hosts (4.0.6 regression; bug #373)
    VBoxManage: another fix for extpack install --replace (bug #9308)
    VBoxManage: allow to specify the UUID of the target image in convertfromraw
    VRDP: fixed a rare crash when two or more clients connect to the server (bug #9503)
    VRDP: fixed a case when a client was not resized correctly (bug #9242)
    USB: make device capturing work on Windows hosts with usbhub class filter drivers installed (bug #9298); bugfixes for Windows host USB support
    VHD: fixed reads crossing block boundaries (bug #8532)
    VMDK: fixed progress indicator when creating split VMDK images
    Floppy: fixed medium size detection for physical mediums (Windows hosts only)
    Main: fixed VM initialization if a shared folder does not exist (bug #7941)
    Main: fixed possible deadlock between hard disk enumeration and resetting of immutable disks (bug #9549)
    Main: fixed not detaching of virtual storage after a snapshot restore operation (bug #8296)
    Main: always reset modified state after restoring a snapshot (bug #9387)
    Main: fixed writing of changed VM settings to disk when using snapshots (bug #8932)
    Main: fixed taking screen shots (e.g. the preview window) for headless VMs if the Guest Additions are active
    Virtio-net: fixed the problem with UDP packets exceeding MTU (bug #9370)
    3D Support: fixed incorrect rendering and possible crashes when switching to/from fullscreen with enabled 2D acceleration
    3D Support: fixed compiz under ubuntu 9.10
    Guest control: Miscellaneous small bugfixes
    Linux / Solaris hosts: don't use hard links in packages (4.1.2 regression; bug #9441)
    Mac OS X hosts: fix installation issues when installed as root (bug #1578)
    Mac OS X hosts: fixed packet capture issues with vboxnetX host-only interfaces (bug #8076)
    Solaris hosts: fixed incoming multicast packets for Crossbow based bridged networking (bug #9532)
    Solaris hosts: fixed starting EFI guests due to missing EFI ROM files (bug #9535)
    Windows hosts installer: fixed ADDLOCAL usage on command line (4.1.0 regression; bug #9488)
    Windows hosts installer: fixed dangling shortcut to the .chm help file (bug #9646)
    Windows hosts installer: try to fix installation error 2869 which appeared under certain circumstances (bug #9664)
    Windows hosts: VBoxHeadless should never open a separate console window (bug #3549)
    Guest Additions: fixed hang while waiting for guest execution output (4.1.2 regression; bug #9446)
    Linux Additions: add support for X.Org Server 1.11 (bug #9519)
    Linux Additions: suppress an incorrect error message and allow a shared folder to be mounted in multiple places (bug #9627)
    Linux Additions: start VBoxService correctly on openSUSE 12.1 (bug #6229)
    Linux Additions: properly finish the installation even if the compilation of the DRM module fails (which is not fatal)
    Solaris Additions: fixed memory leaks and panics while mounting (from console) and unmounting shared folders.
    Windows Additions: fixed swapped mouse cursor hotspot coordinates (4.1.0 regression; bug #9447)
    Windows Additions: fixed PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA BSOD in VBoxDisp.dll when running SnippingTool (bug #9508)
    Windows Additions: make image viewer work correctly with Aero enabled (Vista and Windows 7)
    Windows Additions: fixed incorrect window border blurs under Aero with ATI cards (Vista and Windows 7)
    Windows Additions: fixed incorrect rendering when moving 3D applications outside guest desktop and back under Aero (Vista and Windows 7)
    Windows Additions: fixed guest hangs when switching back from fullscreen text mode apps (bug #9636)

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  3. А кто-нибудь знает сделали они проброс LPT в виртуалку? А то есть LPT программатор и LPT осциллограф, но нет дров под x64 и приходится пользоваться Vmware 6-какой-то (в более новых тоже не работает LPT)
  4. ma5ter, да в интернетах говорят, что еще с 3 версии это осуществлено.
  5. Если хост Linux, для винды в 3-й точно не было.
  6. VirtualBox 4.1.8



    This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
    VMM: fixed VERR_MAP_FAILED during savestate under certain circumstances (bug #7929)
    GUI: stop updating the VM status icons when the VM is paused (bug #8368)
    VBoxManage: fixed wrong return code after startvm (bug #9642)
    BIOS: fixed hang at launch of DOS applications generated by Clipper 5.3 (note that hardware virtualization may be required)
    USB: fixed OS/2 boot hang when using recent USB drivers
    NAT: increase maximum number of parallel connections making connections with port forwarding more robust (#8471)
    Metrics: fixed potential problem with invalid access in guest metrics collection upon VM destruction
    Main: don't crash if a medium is ejected twice (bug #9922)
    VBoxSVC: fixed crash under rare circumstances (e.g. client crash)
    VRDP: fixed screen freeze (bug #9620)
    OVF/OVA: fixed broken disk images on import under rare circumstances
    OVF/OVA: better error message when importing corrupted appliances
    VMDK/VHD: fixed a possible corruption with host cache disabled when using snapshots under rare circumstances (bug #9749)
    3D Support: Fixed fullscreen mode issues for ATI graphics (bug #9775), Windows Media Player rendering for XPDM-based Direct3D support (bug #8341). Multiple fixes to XPDM and WDDM - based 3D support for Windows Guests and for 3D support in general
    Linux hosts: fixes for Fedoras Linux 2.6.41 (bug #9948)
    Linux hosts/guests: fixes for Linux 3.2 (bug #9743)
    Solaris Additions: various shared folder fixes (bugs #9856, #9862, #9917)
    Windows Additions: various fixes for Direct3D support (un)installation, added detection of missing or wrong Direct3D system files
    VirtualBox 4.1.6 (released 2011-11-04)
    This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:
    VRDP: fixed screen corruption
    NAT: the interface stopped working after a lot of failed ICMP requests (bug #9371)
    E1000: fixed rare Windows 7 guest hangs, either at boot time or when reconfiguring the network card in unusual setups (bug #6223)
    ATA: fixed a possible crash during ATAPI passthrough with certain guests
    ATA: improved compatibility with ancient Linux kernels
    Main: fixed incorrect framebuffer information after leaving the fullscreen mode with X11 guests, this lead to a scrambled preview window in the GUI for example
    Mac OS X hosts: fixed the problem with duplicate packets when bridged to a wireless interface (bug #9648)
    Linux hosts: fix for 3D support on Fedora 15 (bug #9799)
    Linux hosts: don't call del_timer_sync from an interrupt context (Fedora bug report 746331)
    Windows Vista and 7 guests: more WDDM fixes
    Linux Additions: fixed kernel module compilation failure on Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 (bug #9709)
    Linux Additions: install the DRI driver correctly on Ubuntu 11.10 guests
    Solaris Additions: added read-only mmap support for shared folders
    Solaris Additions: added directory, file mode and mask options for shared folders
    Windows Additions: implemented faster detection of logged-in guest users and stale sessions
    X.Org Additions: fixed graphical corruption when switching to a virtual terminal (bug #9490)[/URL]
  7. where to find copy of windowz xp to put on vm no cd boot on pc , help
  8. because i get problem , it closes network adpter when i downloaded sp2 :(
  9. ISO-Image for windows xp , link other than pirate bay where ?