Trillian Astra v4.0 Build 88

  1. Build 87 -> Build 88


    FIXED [Facebook] "Error: 4 (Application request limit reached)"
    FIXED [Facebook] Chat doesn't receive messages
    FIXED [Facebook] Chat swallows non-us-english characters (incoming messages)
    FIXED [Facebook] Chat: non-English characters do not show correctly (outgoing messages)
    FIXED [Facebook] Chat: Self-fixing seq number burst after connect
    FIXED [Facebook] Error Code 450
    FIXED [FACEBOOK] Facebook doesn't connect to chat when behind a proxy
    FIXED [Facebook] Improved debug log output and feedback on errors
    FIXED [Facebook] Status update fails if message includes non-ascii characters
    FIXED [Facebook] Weird Minibrowser Issues
    FIXED [Facebook] XML-parsing server responses will no longer stall Trillian
    FIXED [IRC/FB] Buttons are not well aligned in Id&C
    FIXED [IRC/FB] On "Reconnect", don't connect if never been connected before
    FIXED [IRC/FB] When this account is not active, hide its icon from the Contact List
    FIXED [IRC] "Global Away" not reflected properly
    FIXED [IRC] Automatic IRC nick adjustment doesn't work
    FIXED [IRC] Blowfish & Unencrypted Channel Messages
    FIXED [IRC] Crashes on exit if connected to a server
    FIXED [IRC] Ident server and outgoing FTs are not properly closing incoming connections' so
    FIXED [IRC] Space between Username and post message --> Problem with chanel services
    FIXED [IRC] Trillian crashes whem posting large text over IRC
    FIXED [IRC] Trillian crashes while activating/deactivating of some plugins
    FIXED [Alerts] Typing alert with no display name may crash
    FIXED [Browser] Clicking links opens "my computer"
    FIXED [Chat Browser] XMPP chat browser shows the join screen, not browse
    FIXED [Chat Views] Simple View does not use dspNormal
    FIXED [Crash] Windows Media Player crashes when Trillian is running
    FIXED [Events] Auto-away should not affect connections/mediums already set away
    FIXED [File Transfers] Don't show compressing dialog on a single file
    FIXED [Installer] Don't install on unsupported OS
    FIXED [Login] Better offline mode checking
    FIXED [Login] Fixed image artifact on unfocused edit boxes
    FIXED [Mail] Faster sorting
    FIXED [Mail] Show year if it is not the current year
    FIXED [Memory] Fixed a memory issue related to alpha windows
    FIXED [Message Window] Timestamps are now off by default (chapter timestamps are on)
    FIXED [Message Window] Emoticons don't show up in /me
    FIXED [Message Window] Flash is being loaded even if message widgets are off
    FIXED [Message Window] View User Information - Pop-up Issues
    FIXED [SDK] xmlGenerateTree shouldn't use Main/UI thread
    FIXED [Speed] After a bad password, loading is sluggish
    FIXED [Speed] Contact list gets sluggish over time
    FIXED [Widgets] CD widget has settings when it shouldn't
    FIXED [MSN] Cannot Invite Contacts to Group Chat
    FIXED [MSN] Contacts Sometimes Not Purged from List After Leaving
    FIXED [MSN] Disconnected user doesn't disappear from list
    FIXED [Cobalt] No (super)tooltips with alpha-blending transparency disabled

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